How to Pick a Professional Chico Roofing Contractor

Mar 02

A roofing contractor in Chico will install roofs, repair surfaces, weatherproof and waterproof your home etc. Their job is to make sure your roof is leak-proof. While commercial roofing solutions do half the work, how your contractor installs these solutions is important. Roofing is clearly a skilled job. Hiring a roofing contractor is therefore a major decision.


What are the signs that your Chico Roofing Contractor is a pro? Certificates, current licenses and experience offer some proof of the professionalism of a roofing contractor. But what really sets apart a pro from others lies in the details.


Signs that your Chico Roofing Contractor is a Pro


Your roofing contractor should give you an estimate before they start the job. A pro contractor will know from experience how much the job should cost. They should also give you the estimate in writing. The estimate should include all the elements of the repair, including labor and parts. It should be broken down into the little details of the job.

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It’s a good idea to interview several roofers before you settle down on one. Ask each for their estimates.  Then compare the estimates offered by all and then hire the best. Note that what you want is good value. Low cost doesn’t always mean high value. The more expensive estimates may cover steps that the cheaper ones don’t. Also, if you’re getting your home re-roofed, make sure the roofer is considering your needs as a homeowner. Commercial roofing solutions have different requirements and different costs.


Another sign that your roofer is a pro is that they’ve worked with insurance companies in the past. Since insurance companies can be finicky about paperwork etc. during a crisis, you want to work with a roofer that knows how to handle insurance companies and their requirements.


Of course you must also make sure that the contractor’s insurance certificates and permits are up-to-date. A pro roofer that is forthcoming with information, transparent about their work and friendly in their communications is the contractor that you need.