MAVNI Program – The Recruitment of Legal Non-Citizens for U.S Army

Mar 24

MAVNI Program for Legal Non-Citizens:

There are various job profiles often requires qualifying people to perform the job role in a highly efficient manner. The US Military is one such area where often lots of job profiles open waiting for qualified people to fill the position. One of the program which the U.S military offers to recruit the individuals for different job profiles in the Army is the MAVNI program.

The MAVNI program aims to recruit the legal non-citizens of U.S based on various qualification criteria and those who pass the skill test conducted by the program. The individuals who get selected in the program and serve their term in the U.S Army gets various benefits.

Benefits of MAVNI Program:

The following are the list of benefits that people often are entitled to after passing the qualification criteria and the skill tests conducted by the MAVNI program.

  • Direct entitlement to U.S Citizenship
  • Often are eligible for high-quality training and opportunity to attend advanced schooling
  • Entitled to get regular income with special benefits to soldier and their family members
  • Gains good leadership skills
  • Gets a chance to save money to attend college

How to Get Started:

The first thing which the individual who are interested in applying for the MAVNI program, is to check the latest MAVNI update for any change in qualifying criteria the MAVNI program has released in recent times. If they are found to be eligible satisfying the requirements of the MAVNI program, the individual can contact the local recruiter to get started. Finding a local recruiter is relatively easy as the applicant simply must fill few information such as their area of interest, the type of recruitment officer whom the individual would like to interact and the individual’s zip code. The search with this information entered would fetch the appropriate local recruiter for the MAVNI program who is nearby to the individual’s location.