Make sure you do some research before buying SUP

Mar 02

If you are a beginner in the paddle boarding sport, the idea of purchasing your own SUP may be a frightening one.There are some very important things to keep in mind before heading to the market and making a purchase of a brand new Stand-Up Paddle board. Hence, we suggest you to do some research before buying SUP.Here, in this post we have mentioned some of the main points that you should remember while buying a SUP to make sure that you are receivingthe good board.

Inflatable vs solid

You have to get an idea of what kind of SUP you want between an inflatable or solid one. According to experts, inflatable boards provide a more useful way to transportation and storage, because they can be deflated and inflated at will, making them effortless to carry in your local waterway or in your car.Inflatable boards have developed so much that now they provide an experience veryclose to a solid board.


make sure you do some research


Can it be transported?

If you made up your mind to purchase a solid board, then you need to make sure you do some research and ensure whether or not you can transport it.Some of the people may own a van that the SUP can slide into the back of by far, however if you do not have it, then you may require investing your money in a roof-rack. You’ll need to safely connect your SUPto your roof-rack, but avoid tying it tightly because it leads to damage.Eventually, this damage can get worse and lead toblunder in the board, hence you need to be sure to place some sort of padding to your roof-rack or put a cover over your SUP to make sure this doesn’t happen.