Breeze eastern overhaul operating a rescue hoist

May 16

When it comes to allowing your employees to operate the brand new winches and rescue hoists, with sling, there are a few things that you need to know. The first thing that you need to confirm is whether the employee has had the requisite training to operate the rescue hoist successfully. They must be aware of all the finer details of how to go about operating a rescue hoist under some harsh weather conditions, since thats when most of the SOS and Mayday calls come in.

Inspect the hoist:

It is essential that either you or your employee inspects the rescue hoist along with the sling, carefully and ensure that it is completely functional. You need to make sure that all the parts are functioning, and swiveling about, as expected and that there are no issues. You also need to check the wire/ ropes and ensure that they are well lubricated so that you are able to winch down the hoist with ease. It is essential that your employee is able to calculate the approximate intended load so that he can figure out if it is safe to operate the rescue hoist. And in case of any issue, you can always contact a MRO service company that had been certified by Breeze eastern overhaul.

Safety comes first

It is important to understand that safety always comes first and that your employee must be aware of the same. It is essential that you and your employee take care at all times so that you can comply with the safety requirements. For starters, you must get your equipment checked out periodically by a MRO service company certified by Breeze eastern overhaul. Once it has gotten a clearance from the MRO service company, you can use the same with your plane or helicopter.

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