5 tips to help someone deal with alcoholism

Aug 30

A lot of well-intentioned people can end up giving poor advice when it comes to helping someone deal with alcoholism.

Read the following tips to understand how to be of help to a friend or loved one dealing with alcoholism.

  1. Learn to differentiate between an alcoholic and a casual drinker

The least discussed aspect of helping someone with alcoholism is learning to understand whether they need your help in the first place. Read about alcoholism on blogs like www.stopalcoholaddiction.com if required. Get to know how you can separate someone who needs help from someone who enjoys the odd drink.

  1. Know how to talk and what to say when having a conversation

It is important to know beforehand what you are going to say. Formulate the thoughts in your mind so that you are sure of the advice you want to give. Also, let the other person talk and explain his situation. A communication channel must work both ways.

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  1. Put yourself in the shoe of the person

The urge to want to drink constantly is only a physical condition that manifests itself as a result of several underlying reasons.  These reasons could include anxiety, depression, loneliness or even fear. Helping an alcoholic includes understanding their reason for hitting the bottle.

  1. Offer to participate in their recovery

While this might not come up in the first conversation that you have, but subsequently it is important to chart out a road to recovery. Offer to accompany the person to sober meetings or sessions with a therapist. Tell them about blogs and websites like www.stopalcoholaddiction.com that help patients deal with addiction.

  1. Never talk to the person when they are under the influence

The very purpose of having a conversation is defeated if you talk to the person when they are already under the influence. They will not be thinking straight and forget most of what you say by the time they get sober.

Keeping these things in mind will allow you to make a tangible difference to the life of someone you care about.